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Felt 2010

Woolen and Felt Products 2010

All items are “one of a kind” but resemble their model.

Wool Bag w/ Flower $65

Melton Cloth bag with large flower detail.  Our bag is reusable and sturdy.  Able to carry a six-pack or two, a small dog, a laptop, or many groceries.  Get rid of those flimsy “enviro bags” for one of Twiss & Webber’s Wool Bags.  Each is a made one at a time, unique and never are two the same.  We also have bags with clusters of mini flowers and bags with vintage buttons.  Please contact us for more images.

Wool Bags w/ Flowers are $65 each

Plain Bags are $55 each


Striped Hat $65

We figured it out!  Twiss & Weber figured out how to knit and sew and felt and finish a 100& Wool hat.  Available plain, embellished (see Buttoned Hat below), and striped as shown.

Striped Hats are $65 each

Buttoned Hats are $65 each

Solid Hats are $55 each


Opera $120

Taking Nuno felting to another level, Twiss & Weber developed this beautiful 100% Wool felted shawl.  Each made without a template and each a wonder in itself.  Definitely a Winter accessory, wear it to the theatre for a dramatic effect or to dinner to keep your bare shoulders covered or simply with your winter coat. No two are the same.  Colours vary.  Please contact us for more information.

Opera Scarves are $120 each


Operetta $80
Texturized re-purposed silk fabric is used for the base of these Nuno scarfs.  Strategically placing the 100% Merino fibre upon base and rigorously agitating the scarf until all fibres are bound creating a wonderful piece each time.

Operetta Scarves are $80 each


Large Silk Brooch $24
Vintage Silk is texturized with a  felting needle then Re-purposed wool (from sweaters and blankets) are shrunk by machine, pressed and cleaned, cut into flower shapes and laid over silk creating an eye catching conversation piece.

Large Silk Brooches are $24

Mini Flower Brooches (sans soie) $14 each


Coffee Cozy $14

Be the envy in the coffee lineup when you ask your barrista to save a paper sleeve and put your coffee into this pretty and re-usable Coffee Cozy.  Made from wool this cozy will keep your favourite hot brown drink a little warmer for a little while longer.

Coffee Cozies are $14  each


Wrist Warmer $14

Our Coffee Cozies were such a hit that wondered if they were.  Well, they asked for it and we’ve got ’em!  Our pretty flowers adorn bouncy and warm boiled wool knit.  They are easy to wear and fit most.

T&W Wrist Warmers look like a coffee cozy but look more like a short Arm Warmer (see below)

Please contact us for special requests.

Wrist Warmers are $14 each


Arm Warmers $28

We couldn’t just make a simple Wrist Warmer, we had to make a longer more practical set for each arm.  We are egalitarians over at Twiss & Weber.

Arm Warmers are $28 a pair


Up-Cycled Scarf $75
Vintage Scarves are cleaned
Nuno felting technique is applied to base.
Merino fibre is strategically laid upon base
100% Wool yarns are added for texture
Warm water, soap and gentle agitation is applied to bind fibres to base
Piece is laid to dry
Piece is finished with a gentle steaming and further embellishment if required
Straight edge is cut along one side of scarf
Quality control is monitored
Machine embroidery is applied throughout scarf for extra embellishment

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