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March 6, 2011

Twiss & Weber is giving away a copy of Sasha Kagan’s Crochet Inspiration (Read our review here) to the person who can come up with the most interesting answer to the following question… post your answer in the comments section at this post.


What is the most beautiful or intriguing piece or work of crochet you have ever seen?

Don’t forget to post your answer in the comments section at this post.

For those of you interested in learning how to crochet Laura will be giving the following class at the Wab.

Crochet for Beginners. With Laura Twiss of Twiss & Weber

In two two-hour classes, learn to crochet a simple flat lap-top cozy. Learn the Chain Stitch, and Single Crochet Stitch. From these two stitches you will build your own fabric to cover a laptop, mobile phone, or a simple bag. Bring in your item you want to make a cozy for, or it’s dimensions (height, depth, and length). Check out the photos above.

The first class we will build the base for your item, there will be homework between classes, and in the last class we will discuss and execute a variety of closures and finishings.

Notes: Yarn, needles, and pattern provided; No experience necessary.

Date(s): April 23rd & 30th Time: 10-12 pm Cost: $50.00

Save this date! One copy of Crochet Inspiration will be awarded to the most interesting answer (write in the Wab’s comments sectionon Thursday night, April 14th at the Wabi Sabi Stitch ‘n Bitch from 6-9pm.

The gals at the Wab look forward to reading your comments!

One Comment
  1. Carol Collins permalink

    When I was 12 my family moved to Ottawa. While we were waiting to move into our home we stayed in a motel. I learned how to crochet from the maid who cleaned our hotel room. She would take her break in our hotel room, watch t.v. and teach me how to crochet Granny Squares. A few months later I found a book with various crochet stitches and patterns when I was snooping in my older sister’s room. In the book there was a pattern for a carnation flower. I was spellbound at how beautiful it was, and I had to try it! I was so proud of myself when I completed it…it was baby blue and perfectly round. I used it as a bow to decorate my mother’s Christmas present that year. I can’t remember what gift I gave her that holiday; but I will never forget the beautiful perfect blue carnation decorating it!

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